My dad tells me stories about the woman who was the light of his world 

The woman whose strength of character was so strong people often mistook it for weakness 

You were selfless, hardworking and loved people the way God intended

He cries about you sometimes 

Deep, vulnerable inconsolable tears 

About the life, he wishes he could have given you before you died

Sometimes he speaks wistfully with eyes fixed on a distant horizon

About the promise he made to wipe away your tears

Grandma, I hope your as proud of him as I am 

You said your only regret was not living life to its fullest

Not exploring enough, laughing enough

Dancing enough, making silly mistakes enough 

Grandma, I hope you knew how great you were if only in the man you raised 

I hope you are living vicariously through my sisters and me 

And that you are happy seeing the women we are becoming 

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