Heartbeat to Heartbeat

Heartbeat to heartbeat

Souls intertwined
Always running but somehow I come back to this place
Don’t know what it is about you that makes me feel safe
I try to bury it but my soul yearns for a comfort only you can give
You have truly ruined me you see
Because nothing and no one compares
Reasoning does not explain the compulsion I feel
To hear your voice, and let the thoughts from your beautiful mind take me to passionate and limitless levels
You will never know what you mean to me, gave to me
I don’t always let you know the extent to which you could hurt me
You made me do and feel things I never could
Released the artist and dreamer in me
Made me unafraid
But you see I ran away because I couldn’t let you devastate me like you did before
Never felt so much pain and loss all at once
You said you would never make me feel like that
You lied
And so when you came back I did the only thing I could
I pushed you so far away that you couldn’t touch me
Built walls so high and told myself lies till they soon sounded like the truth
But in quiet moments such as this were I am consumed with thoughts of you
I cannot escape the desire to want to be connected with you
Heartbeat to heartbeat

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