Dear all 11 of my blog subscribers and readers in general,
 I started this blog to document through poetry and essay pieces my journey and growth process in this thing called life. Writing has given me such an outlet to take my experiences and make them meaningful and hopefully relatable. It has helped me through really dark times and I know reading the experiences of others has made me feel less alone in my struggles. I have been away from this blog intentionally for almost a year now and I feel the need to tell you why. I have been going through some growing pains and I feel like it’s amazing to be able to tell people when you have overcome and have this amazing story to tell but a lot harder to admit to people when you are going through it. Moving back to Nigeria for law school was really hard and yes I put on this brave face for my friends and family that I knew exactly what I was going to get from this experience and was ready to take this on but the truth was far from that. I was terrified life as I knew it for 5 years was going to drastically change and I honestly didn’t and still don’t know what my divine purpose is or what I’m supposed to do. I was angry for a long time at men, Nigeria the whole world. I was in rebellion with myself and consequentially with my God. I have wanted to switch off the noise from the world and retreat to my shell countless times. I have made amazing friendships and I have also been hurt by my friends. I have had the most life changing experiences and also quite a few low moments. But I have come to realize that’s all part of my story and there is still a lot more to tell. I don’t have all the answers and I am still trying to figure things out but I have Jesus to help me navigate my life and I know I am going to be fine. What I really want to say is that if there is anyone going through it your story is still unfolding there are still so many more chapters, relax and flip the page.

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