Its been a little bit over a year now since we last spoke
Since the anger and pain tore down our already shaky walls
And we collapsed like a pack of cards under the weight of our unexpressed feelings
Its been a while since I thought my heart was breaking
And I felt a hole in my chest that I thought would never be fixed
I cried for days and I could not bear to see anything that reminded me of you
Time has done its magic and performed healing that I never thought would be possible
Anger, pain, resentment has given way for such love, understanding, and hindsight
I never thought this day would come
The memories are no longer painful but are now bittersweet
Sweet because of all the love we shared and the growth we experienced together
Bitter because I can see now all the flaws in our friendship  like little cracks
Until there was nothing left but broken pieces
Most of all I hope we can one day see each other and smile like the old friends we are
Hold each other in the tightest embrace and wish each other well.

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