What if? (collaboration piece)

So I got to collaborate on a piece with the amazing https://tmedatruth.wordpress.com/. Heres the cute result.


Mr. intense eyes is always impeccably dressed and intent.

His melanin-filled skin stands out against his well thought out outfit

And I can’t help but stare and want to catch his eyes.

But I don’t want to break the thrill of watching him

I might talk to him and be disappointed by what comes out of his mouth.

Try to get to know him and wish I hadn’t.

At least this way you can be anything I want you to be

And I’m okay with that.



Suspense and fantasies;

What if’s and If only’s;

Life is for the living,

And guess what I’ve decided to do? – Live”

That’s was the pep talk I gave myself,

So you see, it did not matter much that I thought

you were the most beautiful lady in the room

Or that I had become enthralled after watching you

engage in a passionate discussion the other day

I had decided to live, little did I know that that was

the first day of the rest of our life together

I walked across the room,

and the rest they say is history.


Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

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