Phone addict

I’m doing work,

But then my fingers start twitching

And I feel like an addict.

I need my crutch,

My phone and its distractions

To fill me up somehow.


The quiet is unpleasant and daunting

And I  deceive myself into thinking I’m multitasking

When I pick it up.

But then a snapchat message comes up

I look at it and reply,

I scroll through my Instagram feed searching for inspiration

It’s 2 hours later and no work is done.

What’s worse is I feel tired even though I have done absolutely nothing.


I’m on public transport alone

And afraid to be caught looking at someone.

So they don’t think I’m some weirdo who just stares at strangers.

I look outside and try to be enthusiastic about what I’m seeing

But then I get bored and once again I can’t stand the silence.

I put my earphones on and let the music transport me

And I wait till I get to my destination.

However, when I do get to my destination

I feel like I have missed out on something or maybe someone

In my attempts to fill up the silence.


Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash

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