You were confusion personified

But maybe that’s why I liked you

In your eyes, I saw distance

In the stories, you told me I saw hurt

I thought I could help you

I could you fix you somehow

And maybe there was a trapped beautiful soul

Trying desperately to spring free

And maybe that’s still true


I am a romantic

And I will never give up on love

But I guess I had to realise

That good intention’s do not lead to transformations

And I can’t fix what I didn’t break

But I won’t lie it hurt when you said I was someone to try

Like my heart or feelings was something to play with

I felt dirty somehow, misused

And that may not have been your intention but that’s how it felt


But the truth is that you’re not the only one to blame

And I played my part as well

I forgive you and I have to

I wasn’t in love with you and my heart isn’t broken

But my pride is bruised

But with time that will heal as well


Photo by John Noonan on Unsplash


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