The cries of the people for blood

Can be heard through the whole city

Oppression, hunger, and delusion all factors contributing

To this disgusting display of human cruelty

We want more they scream

He deserves it

Everyone becomes a judge

Pot calling kettle black

A society without limits, rules, structure

Is a society doomed to destruction?

The leader of this change an insecure man who is fuelled by this new found love of the people


He has always had to fight to be noticed

So to receive this on a platter of gold

People to finally see him for him

It is comforting it is toxic, it is dangerous

He is so delusional

Because without the people’s validation he is nothing

So when does this self-righteousness end?

When does mercy soothe their anger?

For you see the hearts of men are desperately wicked

And men at their most basic are nothing but bloodthirsty


Photo by Mandy Beerley on Unsplash

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