When I think of every mistake I have made or thing I regret in my life

It’s always been rooted in my identity

My perception of myself 

And how I have wanted other people to see me 

For a very long time, I wanted to be validated 

Whether it was by boys I liked or friends I had and even my parents 

My identity was rooted in my successes and every nod of recognition I got 

So when I did fail or people criticised me my self-confidence was shattered 

For anyone who can relate I want to tell you that you mean so much more 

You are so much more what people can see 

You are heart, soul, creativity, joy 

You are special and God’s very own masterpiece 

You matter more than you think and have the potential to be so much more 

Your identity needs to be rooted in the one who knows you best and created you. 

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