Can we talk about sexism?

SEXISM according to google is an offensive reminder of the way the culture sees women 

That for me is a simple summary of experiences I have had to  go through my entire life and one I know  most women go through 

Sexism is me walking past a group of men talking and suddenly there is silence 

And feeling eyes assessing my movements unapologetically 

It is feeling angry because at that moment I am not a person to them but an object 

A piece of meat they are hungry for 


Sexism is feeling injustice because right from when I was young I was taught to fear sexual  violence 

And to take every precaution to avoid it 

Because for some reason it is a burden a lot of women have to bear

It is society telling me it is somehow my fault if a man decides to assault or violate me 

It is feeling afraid of embracing my sexuality and being taught to suppress it

Because somehow if I embrace it I am immoral 


Sexism is catcalls and unwanted comments or attention from male strangers 

It is the confidence some scruffy looking man on the street has to approach me with lewd comments 

It is being groped in crowded public transport and nightclubs 

It is feeling paranoid and guilty that some unintentional action of mine could put me at risk of being assaulted 


Sexism is some men thinking I like their unwarranted and unwanted attention 

It is wearing lose fitting and non figure hugging clothing to blend in 

Sexism is a culture that can objectify little girls and suggest they have  a complete understanding of what sex is  and consented to sexual intercourse with much older men 

Sexism is sad, draining and an everyday battle with society 


Sexism is feeling bad about being feminine or displaying feminine characteristics 

Because I’ve been told that this could prevent people from taking me serious in the work environment 

It is being objectified and made to feel uncomfortable in the workplace by misogynistic men 


I’m not writing this to blast men or to make incorrect generalisations 

But I’m writing this to put any male reading this in my shoes and that of many women 

Just for a moment 

To make you think twice when you want to make sexist comments or act insensitively towards women 

I’m writing this to let you understand what the implications your words and actions have on another human being 

A human being who despite having a different sexual organ than yours 

Thinks, feels, hurts, struggles and works just as hard as you 

And is deserving of respect ✊ 

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