I remember when I was 9 and my aunty had taken my sister Amarachi and I to this birthday party for a family friend of ours.

They were playing this game where they asked you questions and you had to say yes or no

The MC asked us if we brushed our teeth and promised that if we said no we would get a prize

Now my sister and i knew it was not hygienic not to brush and of course we brushed our teeth daily

However, we wanted that prize so bad and we and most of the other children at the party said no too

I still remember how that MC mocked us and how silly we looked 

I just remember being awed at the one girl who said yes and refused to compromise on what she knew was true 

Now that I think about it she was probably older than us and wiser 

However, this story got me thinking of how many times I knew I should do something or something was true 

But I wanted the prize so bad so I lied to myself and maybe others to get the prize 

And just like that MC at the party laughed at me and my sister

Life has probably laughed at some of my decisions  

And i looked absolutely crazy when I could simply have stuck with my convictions

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