Be kind with your words

Today’s preaching at church got me thinking about some of the unintended consequences of harsh or unkind words 

Sometimes we say things without thinking to someone and we don’t even realise how we have changed their perception about themselves and maybe even the world 

And unfortunately it’s not usually in a good way 

I started thinking about 14 year old me

She was painfully shy and wouldn’t have minded being invisible

She was also buried deep in insecurities and vulnerable 

It got me thinking of when someone told me that I would never be noticed by anyone in life 

In a perfect world I would have been stronger than a stupid comment shrugged it off and walked away 

We don’t live in a perfect world and her words crushed me

They became my identity for a while and I wore those words well

However I grew up (thank God) 

I learned to forgive that person and myself for believing that lie 

I stopped looking for validation from others 

Some days its a struggle to fight those words and my insecurities 

But I love me a lot more now and I am only concerned with what God has to say about me 

The truth is that she probably doesn’t know how her words affected me and probably forgot she ever said those words 

But I do

So I urge anyone reading this to be kind with their words  




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