I’ve spent a lot of time wondering what exactly being a creative means

Does it mean being an artist, photographer, poet, painter

But those are only labels we put on the different forms, evidences of creativity

Creativity is a state of mind

It is that one thing you have to do that makes you feel like you

It is one ness with God

Who is the first and greatest creative


Being a creative is taking a little bit of yourself and letting other people see it

It is confidence in letting yourself be exposed

Many people wonder why a lot of creative people are shy, hidden reserved not wanting others to see

The thing is sometimes we wonder how others will view our creativity

It’s not an easy thing opening up yourself to judgment


I think the hardest thing about being a creative is admitting I’m a creative

I have always been conformist

And never thought much about it

But nothing feels as right to me as when I put these words to paper

Make beautiful magic with them

And sometimes like someone who has just made food I don’t always think they taste good or make sense

But when I let it cool down a bit and taste

I can feel all that passion and bits of me coming out and fill me with so much pleasure

And in that moment everything makes sense

2 thoughts on “CREATIVE?

  1. I got called a creative once and my immediate response was ‘nah, I can’t draw’. It’s a bit of a challenge accepting that title and I’m not sure why


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