When I think of you I think about peace

I think about calm through the storm

I think about laughter

I think about not being afraid to laugh at yourself

I think about deep conversations and fantastic revelations.

I think about never ending trust in the one true God


First year of Uni brought so much confusion and questions

And when I cried at night about the disaster of it all

I prayed for a kindred soul

Someone who would understand it all

And then I met you

Getting to meet you was truly one of the biggest blessings of Uni

You have challenged me and inspired growth in so many ways


Not many people may see this or appreciate this

But you are a gem

An unsung hero

And though it breaks my heart and scares me to be without you next year

I want the best for you

And you deserve the very best in life

Because you are a once in a lifetime kind of person

Your different in a really good way and I hope you know this


Although I know life has a different journey for each of us

I hope our paths converge often

And we share many more successes and laughter

And someday when we are middle aged and settled

We can reminisce on all our adventures and our growth

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