Slowly but surely

Slowly but surely I’m losing my mind

Every day brings more confusion

Darkness envelops me

I’m tired all the time

I don’t know why I’m doing anything anymore

I’m chasing after peace

And sometimes I think I’ve found it

But the darkness just like an old friend finds its way to me again

It suffocates me and I don’t seem to know me


Slowly but surely I can feel myself wither away

Bit by bit

Just like leaves during the fall

And like an outsider looking in

I can see it happening but I feel hopeless to stop it

I feel like a sinking ship

Like a sailor lost at sea

Swimming desperately searching for familiarity

And a sense of home

But what is home anymore

And who is Chidinma anymore


Slowly but surely I’m loosing my will to fight

I don’t know what or who I’m fighting for

When I look at the mirror I see a lost soul

I don’t know who this girl is

How did I get here?


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