Little girls


They have the sweetest most beautiful souls

So full of promise, laughter, innocence

They see the struggles of their mothers

And believe their fathers are idols

To be worshipped with hugs, kisses and I love you’s every morning

They come as clean, blank slates


But at what point does the world transform them change them and make hardened these pretty little angels with golden halos

Is it when their father who they idolise raises his hand to strike their mother down

Or when their teachers at schools tell them they are limited in their choices of occupations, the life they can have and the dreams they can dream


Or is it when their notions of a Prince Charming with his white horse and grand castle are ruined

By the boy who they thought would be their everything

But who only saw them as a piece of meat to defile as he chose

And as she laid on the ground crying for her lost virtue

He lifts a strand of her hair so close to her ears and whispers you are so beautiful

And at that very moment she resented that word and felt her mind and her heart die


Stop it world

Stop ruining our little girls

And turning them into shells of themselves

Stop defining them

Condemning them for expressing themselves

Giving them rules that are not the same for all sexes

Women are the only one’s ones blessed by God to bring forth a life into this world

As should be treated and respected as the divine vessels they are

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