Everyone comes with a context

a reason for why they are

A set of events, people and circumstances that have shaped them

And they should be understood as such

It is so easy to judge and play the victim without knowledge


You say she is always angry, confrontational, hateful

But you never ask why

You don’t know about the father that was never around

And the mother who never showed her love

She has always had to fight for what’s he has

And has learnt that love, trust and depending on someone else is myth

But if you knew all this I’m sure you would take her with a grain of salt


This world has made us numb to the pain and suffering of others

And made us focus on the side-effects and never the root cause

There are so many suicides

People saying, they want to end it all

Rather than facing another day in this cold cold world


And then you wonder why I say we should look at things in context

Even the happiest of people are facing some of the toughest inner struggles

The lie we tell ourselves in life is that someone has it better and possibly doesn’t feel the pain you feel

But just because on some messed up scale that men have created

My problem is a 2 and yours is a 10

Doesn’t mean I’m weak or silly for feeling the way I feel

Because we are all wired differently and wonderfully so

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