Do your dreams scare you?

Have you become too complacent?

Life seems to be laid out

The future is already set

Do your thoughts take you to lands far away but you hush them?

With thoughts of how impossible they are

Do your dreams scare you?


They told you no and you believed them

They said how can it be and you agreed

You wake up everyday and go through the motions

But yearn for the day to end so you can retreat to your comfortable sleep

Do your dreams scare you?


Have you ever dreamt a dream so big that even your mind hushed you?

This can never be because no one has said it could be possible

But you see greatness is not always quantifiable immediately

And your vision might not be what others see

But that’s exactly what makes you so unique

Because you don’t dream the way others do

Along the lines of what the world has set for you

And the ability to do that in itself is an achievement

Do your dreams scare you?


But I’m glad you see that the shells are starting to clear from your eyes

And the things that seemed so closed off to you

Are starting to feel so close that you could almost touch

If you stretched that bit closer

So do not ever let you dreams scare you

And never let anyone tell you that the way you feel is impossible

Because you die a thousand deaths as a coward

But if you embrace the fierce soldier within

You can only live life in vivid brights and glorious colours.

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