Why do you beg him to stay with you ?

Why do you beg him to stay with you?

You let this arrogant man feel like a king

Why do you not feel complete without someone?

When it is so clear he does not deserve you

You loved him since you were 18 you said

Gave in to his every whims

Tried to make him feel like a man

But still he felt incomplete


But you see the problem was never with you

Instead the problem was with him

A fragile shell of a man

Never allowed to think on his own, never held accountable for his actions

With a mother who babied him and a father who let her

Such a man never had a chance


He could never compete with a glorious woman such as yourself

Who has always known what she wanted and fought for it

The sad thing is that passion is what he fell in love with

As he was severely lacking in it himself

But he soon found that he could not compete with it

With every success of yours he saw several of his failures

So darling do not ever beg such a man

Let him go

You can cry and mourn the love you wasted

But don’t retreat for too long

Because the strength and passion that brought you so much success

Is what will transform you like a phoenix

To a better version of yourself

Who will never need to beg a man like him again

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