Not Alone

Not Alone

If your reading this

Alone with your thoughts in the dead of the night

Your mind running wild like a video stuck on replay

I want you to know that you are loved

Totally, completely and utterly

In all your beautiful glory

A one of a kind creation that can never be cloned

You deserve to be accepted fully and with no reservations

Loved without limits

And held on to with the firmest of grips

Because you are everything and nothing could ever replace you.

Lock and Key

Lock and Key

I am giving you everything and absolutely nothing

All at the same time

When you read my words you might think you know me

Its a fair assumption because there is vulnerability here too

But the thing is that you see exactly what I want you to see when I want you to see it

Its funny but in a way its control

And how can you possibly think you know me when I am finding out something different about myself everyday

The truth is that you only know what I tell you.



Why couldn’t you love me?

See all the effort I put in

Why did you leave?

When I did all I could to make you stay.

Why wasn’t I enough

I wanted so badly to be

Why wasn’t I accepted?

I never seemed to tick all your boxes

Why couldn’t you see the beautiful parts of me?

I needed your validation so badly

Why did you hurt me?

I never would have hurt you

Why oh why

I know now that the answers my questions can never be found with you but always and forever only with me

I never needed you.



Theres more to you

Always has been and always will be

You see yourself as some broken thing that can never be fixed

But I see the real you, hidden deep inside

Those broken pieces

I see it and love you so

I only wish that you could see it too

Not a perfect being

But beautifully imperfect

Irreplaceable and needed

Right here and right now.

Who’s that girl?

Who’s that girl?

Who’s that girl

Light and carefree

Bright red lipstick and the warmest of smiles

Begging you to come closer

Who’s that girl?

Unforgettable in her mini skirt and long flowy dress

Her light unmistakable

Who’s that girl?

With words always on the tip of her tongue and mind bursting with imagery

Who’s that girl?

With her big heart and the glass always half full

Praise on her lips and prayers in her heart

The world making sense piece by piece

Inner peace a constant



There is no pretence here 

No carefully constructed words 

No fear of rejection 

No chance that I will ever leave 

Because you are everything to me 

A true original 

Nothing and no one can compares

Your flaws are intricate designs 

Only to be found in this beautiful masterpiece 

Your heart the most beautiful thing in world to me 

Oh how I love you 

Take care

Take care
Take care when the world feels like it’s falling apart
Brush your hair, your teeth and remember to breathe
Take a long shower and remember who exactly you are
You are nights spent over a bright lamp obsessed with achieving your goals
You are laughter shared with friends and memories made
You are the very best of humanity
You are an answered prayer and the strength others need
You are valued and you are cherished
Every piece of you  is needed right here and right now
Take care

Dangerous woman

Dangerous woman

They call her dangerous
A woman who knows who she is.
For she seeks no validation and the sky is just her starting point.
She fights for what she wants and does not give up.
They can not control her so they call her names.
Hoping that raining abuses on her would make her shrink
They do not understand her so they demonise her.
They put labels on her hoping to put her in this negative box they have created.
She makes the men cower and shatters their fragile egos.
Success is her birthright and she refuses to give it up.
Dangerous woman you hold the world at your fingertips.

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What gives you the right to my body?
To the very secrets corners of my person.
What makes you think you can take as you want and I have to lay there and watch?
Hopeless with no chance of escape.
Who gives you the right to police my behavior and tell me what an appropriate
reaction is?
Like you could even know what it felt like to be me at that moment alone and
What makes you think you can pit my sisters against each other over you?
Like some sick twisted competition that you enjoy.
What makes you think you are a prize?
That I should spend my life pursuing you.
Who made you judge over what my body should look like?
Tearing down my self-esteem if for some reason I don’t comply.
Who has made you lord over this world?
Just because of the nature of your sex.

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My dad tells me stories about the woman who was the light of his world 

The woman whose strength of character was so strong people often mistook it for weakness 

You were selfless, hardworking and loved people the way God intended

He cries about you sometimes 

Deep, vulnerable inconsolable tears 

About the life, he wishes he could have given you before you died

Sometimes he speaks wistfully with eyes fixed on a distant horizon

About the promise he made to wipe away your tears

Grandma, I hope your as proud of him as I am 

You said your only regret was not living life to its fullest

Not exploring enough, laughing enough

Dancing enough, making silly mistakes enough 

Grandma, I hope you knew how great you were if only in the man you raised 

I hope you are living vicariously through my sisters and me 

And that you are happy seeing the women we are becoming